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Essential organic oils are added to the Meraki range to give the products both fragrance and effect. E.g. an extract of leaves, nuts or flowers.

The skin care range is available in 3 fragrances:
Cotton Haze: A fresh scent of strong fruit with a touch of lemon.
Linen Dew: A lovely, fresh scent of woody, smoked, fresh mint.
Silky Mist: A refreshing scent of sweet fruit with a touch of lemon and orange.

The detergent is available in 2 fragrances:
Sand dunes: Orange and lemon, rosemary, mint and green Iris.
Urban garden: Soft, fresh breeze with a gentle touch of flower.

A natural coconut based foaming agent is added to soaps, shampoo and body wash (sodium coco sulphate).

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